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Using ICT to Support Learning

In addition to BeVLE, the following lists of websites, apps and podcast sites are designed to support your learning, revision and research in the subjects you are following this year.  There will be other sites out there - if you find a good one, please let one of the Teaching and Learning team know.


  • BBC Bitesize - A good combination of videos, games and revision notes.
  • S-Cool - GCSE and A Level notes
  • Get Revising - GCSE and A Level, with some useful tips.
  • Sam Learning - This has a subscription charge, but has lots of tests that will be marked online.
  • Revision World - A great site for making revision timetables and revision skills.
  • Revision Centre - Similar to Revision World
  • Youtube - Lots of 'how to' videos, but cross-reference with other sources.  Anyone can say anything on here, doesn't make it true or accurate!
  • Kerboodle - An online textbook with revision activities subscribed to by the Science faculty - talk to your Science teacher about this.
  • My Maths - A great site to develop your maths skills.

iTunes Apps

  • Revision Buddies - We really like this.  Students download different apps for different subjects e.g. GCSE Geography Revision Buddy.  It is full of questions, multiple choice exercises and correct answers.  You can share results on Facebook or Twitter.  Past paper exams available too - and FREE.
  • My Study Plan - also FREE.  Organises you and helps prioritise topics etc.
  • iTunesU - a whole area on iTunes where you can download podcasts and resources..
  • MathsWatch - available as a searchable app and viewer for developing maths skills.


  • www.gcsepod.com - The school has paid for this resource, so please use it.  There will be prizes for students who make best use of it!
  • iTunesU has downloadable podcasts, but you need to be careful that they are at the right level and mirror the content that you will be tested on in the exams.

More revision ideas to follow.  Remember let us know about any we have missed!