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Severe Weather Conditions

Adverse Weather Conditions GuidanceSevere Weather Conditions - Information for Parents/Carers

Detailed below is information and contacts for parents/carers in the event of a school closure which you may find useful.

Closure before the start of the school day due to severe weather:

  1. If we were to close the school before school starts we will inform you in the following ways:
  2. A message will appear on the school's website (www.berwickacademy.co.uk) which will be the main form of communication and SchoolComms by 7.30am each day (although we will aim to be sooner) and we will update the website and twitter with information, as far as possible, during the day.
  3. A text message will be sent to the primary contact (parent/carer), whose details we have and that are up to date, by or shortly after 7.30am.  Please let us have your up to date contact details if you have not already done so.
  4. Broadcasts by Local Radio Stations BBC Radio Newcastle 95.4fm or Radio Borders 102.3fm will announce closures.
  5. Go to the Northumberland County Council Website - www.northumberland.gov.uk
  6. School telephone line should open from 8.30am Tel: 01289 305083 (where possible please check the website, and mobile/email for message).

Closure during the school day:

If for any reason weather forces us to close during the school day we will inform you in the following way:

  1. We will put information on our website.  Those parents who have given us their email address and mobile contacts, we will send you a message via SchoolComms.  This message will direct you to the school website which is where we will put all advice/instructions.
  2. Normally the school buses will arrive early to ensure that students who catch the bus are able to get home.  This is at the bus company's discretion and we usually have a call from them telling us they will arrive early.
  3. Students who are able to walk to and from school, we will stay open for as long as we possibly can, although normal lessons will be disrupted.
  4. If it becomes clear, in the unlikely event of extreme and dangerous weather, that we are forced to close we will post this on the website and text/email all parents for whom we have these details.  However, we will provide a safe place for students to wait.

Everything reasonably possible will be done to ensure children's safety and well-being.

If you do not receive information from school to the contrary, please assume that school will be open as usual.

Severe Weather Conditions - Information for Parents/Carers

Northumberland County Council has this week issued schools with updated adverse weather guidance.  Detailed below is information and contacts for parents/carers in the event of a school closure which you may find useful.  Berwick Academy will also pass information to parents/carers via the school website www.berwickacademy.co.uk  and via SchoolComms (SMS/email)

It is important that you inform the school if there are any changes to primary contact details to support communication.  Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any changes as necessary.


During periods of severe weather there may be School closures or disruption to your child's Home to School Transport.  In these circumstances do you know what to do?  Here are some tips 

  • Listen to Local Radio Stations...Mainly BBC Radio Newcastle 95.4fm; other useful Stations are Real Radio 100 to 102fm and Radio Borders 102.3fm.

Closure information will appear in the following places:

The County Council will continuously update news on the front page

In extreme cases a School may have to close during the day due to severe weather and your child will be sent home early.  Do you have a procedure in place for the care of your child until you arrive home?  You could:- 
  • Make arrangements with a relative or close friend to care for your child until you are able to get home..
  • Inform the School and Transport provider of these arrangements as it may be necessary for your child to seek alternative transportation from School.
  • Make sure the School have an I.C.E. "In Case of Emergency" contact telephone number.
  • Investigate whether your child's School operates an "Emergency Alert Scheme" and sign up to it.
  • Above all, make sure your child is aware of the arrangements.

For more information please call our Contact Centre on 0345 600 6400