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Daily Lunch Menu

Daily Lunch MenuWelcome to the Berwick Academy Catering Services Area.

Information on this page is about the catering services in school for students, parents, staff and visitors.  We have a dedicated catering team of 7 and many of the staff have over 20 years experience working at the Academy.

Our main concern is our student's wellbeing and hopefully the information on this page helps you to make school lunchtimes a good experience.

Anne Hudson - Catering Manager






Monday 23nd April 2018     BA Food Policy


Tomato soup and roll

Carton Fresh Orange  Juice

Main courses

Chicken Korma

Sausage Pasta Bake

Vegetable Stir Fry

Boiled Rice/Garlic Bread

Grated Carrot /Broccoli

best value £2.70










Served Daily 

Assorted filled Rolls, wraps

Assorted Filled  Sandwiches

Assorted Paninis

Assorted Pizza

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Assorted Salad Boxes

Filled Baked Potato

Filled Assorted Panni's

Assorted Deep Pan Pizza Slice

    Packed Lunches







Iced cake

Assorted bakery item

carton of fruit juice

piece fresh fruit

2 x course Best value £2.70 


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Summer Menu Week 1

Winter Menu Week 2


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