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Six + is a programme of study designed to enable students to access high status universities and competitive courses.  It aims to stretch and challenge the most able students to achieve their full potential.

Students will be fully supported through an extended Personal Development Programmewhich will give them a range of experiences focused on working towards a UCAS application for universities including Oxford, Cambridge, Russell Group (e.g. Durham, York) and "top 50" universities.

There are also specialised pathways for students who wish to pursue applications for "competitive" courses such as Medicine, Dentistry and Law.

Program of Study

Students will choose from a wide range of academic A level subjects and typically choose 4 AS subjects.  Look for the Six+ logo on the course page indicating that the course is available on this programme of study.

There is an opportunity for students to choose an additional AS subject by agreement with the Head of Sixth Form especially if it aligns closely with another subject being studied. e.g. AS Maths/AS Further Maths, AS Business/AS Economics.