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Fundraising for Charity

Sixth form student, Dorothy Kelsey, has taken on the role of Head of Charities this school year. Her roles include communicating with volunteers, researching which charities to support, and co-ordinating fundraising events in school:

"Being Head of Charities is a role I take seriously, because I think it's important to recognise the incredible work charities do for such a variety of people - from the local charities which are based just in Berwick but also the more global ones which have fundraising events all over the world.  Through this responsibility, I hope I can play a small part in helping to strengthen the ties between Berwick Academy and the community of Berwick.  This year we aim to fundraise for good causes through different school events, such as own-clothes days and bake sales, which are always successful ventures!  We raise money whilst raising students' awareness of the global charities like the Make a Wish Foundation or the local BARK.

Raising as much as we can for all these causes, we've so far donated £130.57 to the Make a Wish charity from a teacher/student hockey match, and £495.30 for BARK through an own-clothes day!  We also raised over £150 for Barnados in December.

None of this would be possible without BA parents and students, so thank you and well done for supporting our fundraising events and generating such helpful donations!"

Dorothy Kelsey
Head of Charities

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