Reading Registrations

27 January 2021

Reading Registrations – A part of the Berwick Reads Project

In September 2020, we introduced Reading Registrations at Berwick Academy. We know just how vital reading for pleasure is intellectual growth and development, and we understand the importance of being reading role models for our young people.

In our weekly Reading Registrations, students have the opportunity to listen to recordings of teachers reading aloud from classic fiction and non-fiction texts.

So far this year, we have had readings from A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson and The Almighty Dollar by Dharshini David. Reading Registrations have continued throughout lockdown, with recordings being made available to all students by their form teachers through our virtual learning platform.

These books are available in our brand new library for students to borrow, and we hope we have inspired some budding scientists and economists to get reading!


What’s next?

In the run-up to February Half Term, teachers will be reading the openings of books and short stories that they love, to inspire our students. Over half term, we will be asking students to take part in The Big Berwick Read, taking part in daily reading and sending us pictures of their chosen reading material, with a few lines about what they enjoyed about the text.

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