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How to Revise - Effective Learning 

Self Study 

Self study is our name for homework.  This reflects the importance of students learning to study independently, building towards effective revision for Level 2 and Level 3 examinations.  Self study is set regularly and instructions are published on Microsoft Teams Classes.   

We teach students methods for effective independent study and revision in the context of each subject.  These methods are informed by research and evidence.

The role of virtual learning 

 Virtual learning plays an important role in self study.   Instructions for self study are set in Microsoft Teams Classes to support students and families with organisation.  Self-study may be completed within a Teams class, on another school-approved platform such as Sparx Maths or Seneca Learning, or in exercise books.  Virtual learning is an important part of our knowledge-rich curriculum, particularly in providing opportunities for knowledge consolidation through quizzing and practice questions.

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The Exercise Book as a Learning Tool 

Students will be expected to complete work in exercise books and workbooks; they may also be asked to use lesson notes and revision guides as learning tools.