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Berwick Academy Wins National Award
Tuesday 13th June
Berwick Academy has won the School Games Impact Award, a national scheme designed to recognise the impact of school games and sports provision on young people.  We were delighted to be one of fifteen schools nationally who are nominated annually for the award, and even more delighted to learn that we had been successful.   We would like to congratulate our students for their commitment to school sport and sports leadership, and the PE team for the excellent work. 
More information to follow...
Summer Sport
We are thrilled to see our summer season of sport well underway, with pupils engaging in such activities as: rounders, tennis, cricket and athletic events. 
This week, some of our Year 9 and Year 10 pupils have been experiencing the challenge of playing formal cricket, with use of pads, gloves and helmets. This opportunity has allowed them to hone their existing skills of bowling, batting and fielding, but in a more demanding environment. 
As the term progresses, pupils will work towards developing their skillset to play modified versions of the full game, instead of the "quick cricket" and "diamond cricket" games they have played in the past.
We look forward to sharing their success with you.
As our Year 11 pupils approach their final GCSE examinations, the PE dept. have taken the opportunity to not only support their mental health and wellbeing, but also recognise the hard work and effort which they have demonstrated during their PE lessons.
Pupils have been invited to engage in a range of alternative sporting activities designed to maximise enjoyment, develop teamwork and act as a form of stress relief. Groups are pictured demonstrating their collaborative skills in "glow in dark" volleyball and developing their tactics and strategies during laser tag games. Other groups elected to compete in competitive football events and play in social dodgeball leagues; all with the goal of celebrating success and participation in PE.
We wish all of our Year 11 pupils the very best in their examinations and hope that they continue to engage in sport and physical activity as they enter the next phase of their lives.
The PE dept. are working in partnership with the Youth Sports Trust in a programme entitled "Girls Active" which seeks to promote girls participation in PE lessons through a range of mediums. 
As part of this programme we welcomed our Youth Sports Tutor (Carol) to school along with Amanda Coulson, a three-time GB and international champion boxer who currently coaches the Team GB boxing squad.  
Having taken the girls through their paces and developed their boxing technique and skills, the girls were then invited to work collaboratively to understand more about what they would like to see in their PE lessons.  
Over the coming year, the girls will play an active role in shaping our PE curriculum and will have direct control over how our funding grant is spent. 
We look forward to not only continuing our work with the Youth Sports Tutor, but also supporting our girls to achieve deep and meaningful success and enjoyment in their PE lessons.
PE News
As the summer term begins, we are now turning our attention to a new set of sports and activities during Core PE lessons for pupils to engage in. These include tennis, cricket, rounders and softball, which seek to develop communication, self-confidence and hand eye coordination amongst other important skillets.  
Pupils are pictured putting their skills into practice in both tennis and rounders.
This week in Core PE, some of our Year 9 pupils have had the opportunity to explore their leadership skills through a new unit of work. These lessons support pupils being able to operate successfully in the working world, as well as enhancing their confidence and resilience.
Pupils are pictured working on their communication skills via a "mirrored drawing exercise" and their organisation and teamwork skills via the "5-legged race".
We look forward to seeing them progress in this unit of work, which will culminate in leading a sports activity independently. 
6th Form Injury Management
As part of our new Level 3 BTEC Diploma in Sport award, this week pupils have been putting into practice their injury management skills. 
They have been learning about a variety of first aid responses including, Primary and secondary surveys as well as key lifesaving skills. Pupils are pictured performing CPR during a staged emergency, where they were required to assess a casualty and undertake chest compressions and the breath of life.
6th Form Succes in Local Derby (4 - 3)
At Berwick Academy, we are committed to providing opportunities and enrichment activities to engage our 6th form, as well as mainstream pupils.
On Monday, we welcomed Longridge Towers U18 football team, who arrived to pit themselves against our elite 6th form players.
Despite a rocky start, which led to the Academy team trailing two goals to nil, our players soon galvanized and through wonderful teamwork and committed play, replied with a further two goals to level the playing field.
The second half saw the Academy team demonstrate their prowess and skill on the ball, securing a further two goals, which wrapped up the match with a 4-3 score line.
On Thursday, a group of Berwick Academy sports leaders, supported the hosting of the Area Indoor Athletics Meet at the Swan Centre.
The day consisted of demonstrating and leading a range of athletics events, where they marshalled, judged and taught relevant skills to more than 100 pupils from our feeder schools.
This programme forms part of a larger initiative which involves pupils working towards a formal qualification in Sports Leadership.
By offering both academic and real world experience in the sports industry, we hope to be able to better equip our pupils to enter into employment opportunities post education.
Over the course of this term, our pupils have been working tirelessly to achieve as many reward points as possible, whilst minimising the number of behaviour points. These collective points were then used to rank order form classes, who selected their teams to follow through their World Cup journey.
Teachers have used the Football World Cup Sweepstake to increase discussion and awareness of not only sporting events, but also geographical, political and environmental issues, which have surrounded this year's event. 
The PE Dept. are thrilled to announce the winning form classes of the Berwick Academy Sweepstake event:
1st - Yr. 10 ROB (Argentina) 
2nd - Yr. 9 HOL (France) 
3rd - Yr. 9 MEW (Croatia)
Wooden Spoon - 6th Form FLA (Qatar)
The winning form classes are pictured celebrating with their spoils.
We hope that this event has supported further discussion at home and look forward to celebrating future sporting events at school.
Core PE Festive Sports Activities
As part of a school wide drive for our pupils to enjoy some festive activities, the PE dept. arranged for a range of school based and off-site activities for pupils on Thursday.
Pupils were treated to indoor bowls events, virtually led spinning sessions and competitive football events during their scheduled PE lessons. 
We were thrilled with both the attitude and engagement of pupils and look forward to working further with them in the new year.