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Welcome to the Sixth Form. You will be aware that students who are currently in Year 11 are now required to go onto further study, or to take a job with training (e.g. an apprenticeship). We are delighted that you are considering continuing your studies with us.

This is an exciting time, as we are expanding our range of sixth form courses and offering a new personal development programme, all of which is designed to help you achieve your career goals. You will have the opportunity to take a much broader range of courses than at Key Stage Four, so it is vital that you study the prospectus carefully and ask questions of subject teachers and the Student Subject Leaders, that you will see around school

The programmes of study available in the sixth form are designed for students with a wide range of goals. Whether you wish to improve upon your performance at Key Stage Four, want to keep your options open in terms of further study or know that you definitely want to go on to university, we have a programme of study designed to help you get to where you want to go.

In addition to your chosen programme of study, you will undertake a structured personal development programme which will provide personalised advice and guidance and additional courses/enrichment activities. The personal development programmes have been carefully designed to provide you with a wide range of skills and experiences which will appeal to both future employers and provide evidence to support a University application.

Key features of life in the sixth form:
• More study time – you will normally have 9 timetabled hours for each subject choice.
• More independence – you will have some study time on your timetable, to enable you to work on tasks set by your teachers and also to pursue personal development activities
• More responsibility – as a sixth form student, you will play a leading role in the life of the Academy and set an example to younger students. You will be expected to be mature and learn to manage your time and competing demands for yourself.
• More opportunities – there are a wider range of opportunities open to sixth form students, including work experience, volunteering, online learning and trips both in the UK and overseas, including visits to Belgium and Italy.


Please click on links below to see more information on the courses available 

Life in the Sixth Form - Mr Johnson - Head of Sixth Form

Welcome to Berwick Academy Sixth Form - Mr Grout - Director of Post 16 Education

A - Level Biology

A - Level Chemistry

A - Level Computer Science

BTEC Level 3 Engineering

A - Level English Literature

A - Level Geography

A - Level History

A - Level Maths

A - Level Maths taster

BTEC Level 3 Sport

A - Level Physics

A - Level Psychology

A - Level Sociology

A - Level Art

A - Level Business

A - Level Film Studies

BTEC Level 3 Health and Social


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Berwick Academy 6th Form Options Process

Berwick Academy Sixth Form Entry Requirements
To best support you in the next stage of your education, it is vital to ensure that you are on a pathway of study that is appropriate to you. This pathway will be different for each individual and will depend on your GCSE results as well as other factors.

The entry requirements for Berwick Academy Sixth Form are 5 GCSE’s at grade 4 or above including maths and English. Where vocational courses are included in these grades then they must be at Merit or Distinction. We also require a behaviour, praise and rewards record that demonstrates a positive attitude to learning. Individual subjects have subject specific entry requirements highlighted below.

Students who do not meet these entry requirements may be considered on an individual basis for our ‘Step Up’ program. This may blend a combination of Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications, to be agreed with the Sixth Form team. It is a legal requirement that any student who does not achieve a Grade 4 in GCSE maths and/or English, must continue to study these subjects should they return to sixth form.

Minimum Entry Requirement

Minimum Entry Requirement

Maths Subject to be studied
(if a Level 2 course
Physics 5 6 6-6
Art 3 3 4+
Biology 5 5 6-6
Business 4 4
Chemistry 5 5 6-6
Computer Science 5 5 5
Design Technology 4 4 4+
Engineering 4 5 P+
English Literature 5 4
Film Studies 5 4
Geography 5 5 6
Health and Social Care (triple) 4 4 P+
Health and Social Care (single) 4 4 P+
History 5 4 6
Maths 7
Music 4 4 P+
Psychology 5 4 4-4 Science
Sociology 5 4
Sport BTEC 4 4 Pass

Life in the Sixth Form
With Post 16 study, you are able to choose 3 option subjects, guided by the sixth form team. Lesson time in these subjects will account for 45% of your working week in the sixth form. In addition to this, your independent study is central to your success at Key Stage 5. You will be expected to use the facilities available to you in our Sixth Form Centre and across the school, to complete your independent study, which is designed to support your learning. This independent study will be structured and set by teachers. For Every lesson spent in class, you will gain a full lessons worth of independent study to complete outside of class. Effective independent study is therefore equally as important as attending

Furthermore, there is a full structured programme of pastoral support, which includes careers education and working with employers and universities to explore your options after Year 13. All students take the Extended Project Qualification which allows you to showcase your skills in your chosen field - from Art to Music to History to Physics, the choice is yours!

There is strong personalised support on offer from both your Head of Year (Mr. Johnson) and the Director of Post 16 (Mr. Grout), and you will have a personal tutor.

Your ‘Options’
Most students will take 3 x options subjects. If you have particularly strong GCSE grades, you may opt to take a 4th A level by negotiation, but most people concentrate on three subjects. We offer a wide range of subjects, so exploring your options to help you make the right choice is crucial.

Some vocational courses are a Double Award e.g. Engineering, so you would need to pick another option to make the equivalent of three subjects. Health and Social Care can be taken as a Triple.

What can I choose?
There are a wide range of courses on offer, which encompasses both subjects you will have already studied like English, Maths and the Sciences, and subjects which may be new to you, like Psychology and Sociology. It is vital to speak to the teachers of subjects you are interested in to explore what you will study if you take that option. You can take a mix of vocational (BTec/Cam Tech) Level 3 qualifications and A levels, or A Levels only.

Who can help me?
Your form tutor and PSHE teacher are able to answer questions, Mr Grout and Mr Johnson are also available for you to speak to and can be contacted via email. Our Careers Adviser is in school weekly, and you can request an interview at any time, but the sooner the better! Your subject teachers can provide advice about individual subjects, as can your Head of Year and Mr. Kesson.

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