Berwick Academy

Remote Learning 2023-24

Remote Learning Guidance

During a period of remote learning, your child will access lessons and learning resources through Microsoft Teams. 

On the first day of remote learning, students will have access to appropriate learning materials across a range of subjects:

On any subsequent days of remote learning, lessons and learning tasks will be set in line with your child’s timetable for that day: 

  • Learning will be available to them each morning for the subjects on their timetable that day.
  • Your child should aim to follow the normal structure of a school day as far as possible, using their timetable as a guide and taking appropriate breaks.
  • Completed work should be submitted through the relevant Teams subject class.
  • Teachers will complete a daily check of your child’s engagement and work, to support them with this.
  • Should your child need any further support in accessing or completing the learning set, a member of the team will get in touch to provide this.
  • If you have any queries or think that your child requires any support in accessing or completing their learning, please contact the school and we will be please to support you with this.

Microsoft Teams Classes Guidance

Accessing Teams

Microsoft Teams is located in your child’s Office 365 Account.  This link will take you to the Office 365 Sign-in Page:*

Microsoft Teams can be a better user experience in the app, in particular when using a phone or tablet.  If you are having difficulties viewing, completing or submitting work in your browser, you can download the app for desktop or mobile device here*:

If using the mobile Teams app, your child will also require the Office 365 app so that they can edit and create documents and PowerPoints on their device.  This can be downloaded here*:

Completing and submitting assignments using a mobile device

 This YouTube video offers useful and easy guidance on how to access, complete and submit Teams assignments on a mobile device, including how to attach photographs of handwritten work*:

Using the correct browser on a laptop or desktop computer

If you are using a browser to access Teams, or to watch lesson videos created by Teachers using Microsoft Stream, we recommend that you use the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser*:

Google Chrome:

Microsoft Edge:

Using the correct browser on a mobile device

If you are using a browser on a mobile device to access Teams, we recommend that you use the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser app.  These can be downloaded by*:


  1. Going to your app store, or equivalent on your smart phone, and searching for Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge app.
  2. Clicking ‘install’. (You may need to enter your security information, depending on your security settings.)


*Links correct at the time of publication.  Berwick Academy cannot be responsible for the content of third-party sites.