Berwick Academy

Meet the team

Senior Leadership Team

Ms T Hush Headteacher
Mr S Gibson Deputy Headteacher
Ms K Laws Assistant Headteacher
Mr B Ryder Assistant Headteacher
Ms L Watson Assistant Headteacher
Ms L Wellingsclare Assistant Headteacher
Mrs F Hall Business Manager

Pastoral and Student Support Team

Mr A Kesson Director of Pastoral
Mr J Woodcock Pastoral Lead (Year 9)
Mrs J Hoskins Pastoral Lead (Year 10)
Ms A Walton Pastoral Lead (Year 11)
Mr R Johnson Pastoral Lead (Post 16)
Ms P Clegg Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead
Mrs C Lambert Behaviour Lead
Mrs S Stones Thrive and Forest School Practitioner
Mr M Grout Director of Post 16
Mrs D Tait SENDCo
Ms J Hogg Teaching Assistant
Miss V Meldrum Teaching Assistant
Miss J Morton Teaching Assistant
Ms S Powling Teaching Assistant
Mr C Stitt Teaching Assistant
Ms K Tait Teaching Assistant
Miss E Vassie Teaching Assistant 

Create and Care Faculty

Mr C Scott Director of Learning
Ms J Birnie Teacher
Mr D Holleywell Teacher
Miss S Richardson Teacher
Mr B Ryder Teacher
Ms L Scoles Teacher
Mrs D Tait Teacher
Ms L Watson Teacher
Ms N Moffat Technician

English Faculty

Ms S Wahid Director of Learning
Mrs M Chambers Teacher
Mrs L Fletcher Teacher
Ms G McFadden HLTA / Literacy Coordinator
Mrs C Rome Teacher
Ms L Thompson Teacher
Ms L Wellingsclare Teacher


Humanities Faculty
Mrs N Allenby Director of Learning
Mr S Gibson Teacher
Mr A Kesson Teacher
Mr C O'Rourke Teacher
Ms C Robson Teacher
Mr S Thompson Teacher

Mathematics and Computing Faculty

Mr D Crawford Director of Learning
Ms H Bagley Teacher
Mr G Brown Teacher
Mr R Johnson Teacher
Ms K Laws Teacher
Mrs R Malthouse KS4 Maths Lead
Mrs T Walton Subject Leader: RE


Science and PE Faculty

Mrs L Crouch Director of Learning
Ms F Bly Teacher
Mr A Cockburn Teacher
Mr D George  Teacher
Mr M Grout Teacher
Mr G Marchant Teacher
Mrs L Morgan Subject Leader: PSHE
Mrs L Patterson Teacher
Dr G Shackleton Teacher
Mr M Tait Teacher
Mr S Wilkinson Subject Leader: PE


Business Support & Site Management

Ms C Anderson Cover Supervisor
Ms K Bagley Finance Officer
Ms L Burgon Exams and Data Manager
Ms C Craig Admin Assistant
Ms D Graham Science Technician
Ms L Hindhaugh Mentor
Mrs A Hudson Catering Manager
Mr M Leslie Admin Assistant
Mr D Locke Caretaker
Mrs F Lowrey Attendance and Engagement Lead
Ms F Perks Science Technician
Mr S Phillips IT Technician
Mrs J Ruddick PA to Headteacher
Mr M Stones Site Manager
Mrs F Thompson Admin Assistant