Berwick Academy

Student Leadership


Students are given the opportunity to develop their leadership skills throughout their time at Berwick Academy.  Throughout the school, students are able to share their thoughts and opinions on all aspects of school life through the student voice programme.  Students in each form class are selected to become rewards leaders, responsible for the promotion and administration of rewards for their peers.  Year 12 and 13 students have the opportunity to join the student leadership team.  This consists of two heads of school and assistant heads of school for student voice, student welfare, extra curricular activities and social events, sixth form and charities.

The PE Department is working closely with two organisations, Leading Link and RISE.  Leading Link is a local charity with expertise in sports leadership and RISE is a registered charity aimed at unlocking the power of physical activity.

On a series of residential programmes, students benefit from leadership courses which provide the opportunity to hone key skills, build self-confidence and learn more about future employment opportunities in the sector.

As a result of students’ successes on the programmes, a range of student-led sports clubs and coaching sessions for our feeder middle and first schools are now on offer at Berwick Academy.  These student leaders are also supporting the development of their peers through leadership units which now form part of our PE curriculum.