Berwick Academy

Character Development at Berwick Academy

What are learning behaviours?

Learning behaviours are sometimes called 'soft skills'.  Like any skill, we are not born with these behaviours, but we can learn them over time, even as adults.

The learning behaviours we are currently focusing on at Berwick Academy are relationships with self including:

  • Motivation
  • Dealing with setbacks
  • Self-esteem / self worth

Previously we focussed on relationships with others including:

  • Effective relationships with peers
  • Effective relationships with adults
  • Following instructions
  • Using appropriate language

Developing these learning behaviours help us to stay on time, on side and on task.

Why are learning behaviours important?

  • Research shows that learning behaviours help students to be successful in school.
  • Research shows that businesses in the Berwick area have struggled to recruit for advertised jobs in the past year.  Nearly 50% of these businesses reported that poor soft skills (learning behaviours) prevented them from making appointments.
  • This shows that improving our learning behaviours help us to be on time, on side and on task.  This will make us more successful in school and more likely to get a job!