Virtual Learning Spotlight

27 January 2021

Virtual Learning Spotlight – Amanda Gorman

Wednesday 27th January 2020

Inspired by the performance of the Inaugural Poet, twenty-two-year-old Amanda Gorman, and her message of unity and hope at the inauguration of the 59th US President Joe Biden, the English department have delivered a virtual lesson on ‘The Hill We Climb’.

Tying Gorman’s poem in to the study of Unseen Poetry, a part of the GCSE Literature curriculum, teachers created a Year 11 lesson on the power of poetry to convey ideas and messages that capture the spirit of a political or social moment.

Students were encouraged to watch Gorman’s reading of the poem and consider themes of hope, grieving and unity through the poet’s use of imagery and techniques including metaphor and enjambment.

We would encourage all of our students and parents to watch Gorman’s Reading and discuss their own response to the poem.



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