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Virtual Learning

At Berwick Academy, we call homework virtual learning.  This page contains information about our normal virtual learning programme. For information about our full remote learning programme during a lockdown or period of isolation requiring remote learning, please visit Remote Learning Programme

Virtual learning will help students to consolidate and extend knowledge developed in lessons, and teachers will regularly set independent learning to be completed virtually.  At times, teachers may set other kinds of independent learning, depending upon the requirements of the subject, but virtual learning is our primary approach to the work that students complete independently and at home.


Microsoft Teams is the key online platform that we use for virtual learning.  Click here for guidance on accessing Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams Classes Guidance


In Microsoft Teams, your child is assigned to a virtual class for every subject; this is accessed through their school Office 365 login. Teachers use Microsoft Teams Classes for a range of assignments, including revision and quizzing to consolidate knowledge, and for extended writing and providing feedback where appropriate.


It is an expectation that your child checks Teams regularly to complete their virtual learning; class teachers will tell students when they have set work and help them by reminding them to complete it, where appropriate.


Please contact if your child requires any support in accessing Microsoft Teams Classes.


Other Virtual Learning Platforms


We also use a limited number of other carefully-selected virtual learning platforms which research has shown to have a positive impact on student learning. Instructions for all independent learning will be published through Microsoft Teams Classes, but students may then be directed to another specialist platform to complete their virtual learning, such as Hegarty Maths for Mathematics and Seneca Learning for Science. Students are provided with passwords for these platforms, where relevant, by their subject teachers.


If students need help to log in to any of these platforms, they should speak to their class teacher in the first instance, who will be best-placed to help them.  If there are any further queries or issues with accessing virtual learning after speaking with the class teacher, please  contact


Logging in to Hegarty Maths


Hegarty Maths is an online Maths platform that gives students interactive Maths learning tailored to their needs.

To log in to Hegarty Maths:

  • Visit
  • Search for your school
  • Enter your first name, surname, date of birth and password. If students have forgotten their password, they can ask their teacher for a reset through the website.
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