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At Berwick Academy, we believe that reading for pleasure is of vital importance to the education of every child.  We believe that every child should have access to books that fire the imagination and take them beyond their own experience.  And we also believe that every child is entitled to have access to a place for quiet, private study.

It is for these reasons that we have launched the Berwick Academy Library Campaign.  In the past, we faced the sad closure of our library, and we are now working urgently to address this situation and create a fully functioning library for Berwick Academy.  We are calling upon the community and anyone who might take an interest in our school to help us in this most enjoyable and important of tasks.

Since October, we have been building a stock of books that will give every child at Berwick the means to read for pleasure.   We have already had hundreds of books donated by local people, including publishers, authors, neighbours, as well as our own pupils and teachers.  We would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has donated to our library so far, whether in books, time or expertise.

Before and After

'Before - Our empty shelves when we started work.'

'Before - Our empty shelves when we started work.'

'Generous donations of fantastic books.'

'Generous donations of fantastic books.'

'A well stocked Teen Fiction shelf.'

'A well stocked Teen Fiction shelf.'

Our fantastic team of volunteer student librarians has been working hard to categorise these books, while our site team has been working to create a bright, vibrant space to house them!  We are now beginning the process of cataloguing our stock and look forward to opening the library so that our students can enjoy this space.

While we are off to a brilliant start, we are aiming to encourage more donations so that we can stock our library fully with the most exciting books for our young people.  If you would like to help the Berwick Academy Library Campaign, you can:

  • Buy a book from our Amazon Wishlist –
  • Drop a relevant book into school, during normal opening times.
  • Contact the school directly if you would like to donate a large number of books, so that we can discuss and organise this with you.
  • Offer your skills, resources and ideas for a library event.
Classics Shelf

‘Our brilliant Literary Classics section’.

Watch this space for news about exciting events once our library opens!

And finally, a message from The Student Librarians of Berwick Academy:

“We believe that stories can inspire and change people’s lives and that children have the right to read for free.  Finding yourself in a book is something that every young person should experience, and we are trying to put reading back at the heart of our school”.


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