1. Introduction and aims

At Berwick Academy we have simple expectations of our students, expressed through The Berwick Way: On Time, On Side, On Task. Part of being “on side” is our expectation around personal presentation. School uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of the school and sets an appropriate tone. It instils pride, supports positive behaviour and discipline and encourages identity with the school. Uniform can also be useful to protect children from social pressures to dress in a particular way.
Our policy aims to:

  • Clarify expectations of school uniform to be worn by all students at all times on school site.
  • Give guidance to parents/carers in what is and what is not permissible as part of school uniform.

2. Berwick Academy Uniform

BlazerA plain black, single breasted blazer with a Berwick Academy shield on the left side. The blazer can be purchased with the Berwick Academy shield already embroidered on to it from local suppliers. Alternatively, parents/carers may wish to purchase a plain black, singlebreasted blazer from their own preferred supplier, and purchase a Berwick Academy embroidered shield which can be sewn on to the left breast area
Jumper (Optional)A plain grey v-neck knitted jumper. Please note this is optional, but if worn is not worn instead of a blazer and must be knitted not sweatshirt material.
ShirtA plain white shirt with a top button that can be fastened and long enough to tuck in to trousers/skirt. A suitable hard collar for a tie is required.
School TieA Berwick Academy tie must be worn. This is maroon and silver stripe.
Black trousersTrousers for school must be tailored plain black trousers that do not grip the leg around the
ankle. No jean material, fashion fastening or studs. No leggings/jeggings. No large, decorative or
coloured belts
Black skirtPlain black knee length school skirt.
Not a fashion skirt, such as a tube skirt.
Tights / SocksTights/socks should be neutral in colour – black, navy or natural.
Black School ShoesPlain black polishable shoes.
No heel higher than 4cm. No open toed/backless shoes. No training or leisure shoes. No
canvas plimsolls. No elaborate decorative features. No toe caps. If shoes could be mistaken
for training shoes then they are not appropriate. Boots should not be worn.

3. PE Uniform

Academy badged maroon rugby top and/or Academy badged maroon polo shirt.We advise wearing the rugby top when weather is cold
or wet.
Black and maroon shorts and/or black tracksuit bottoms
or black sports leggings.
Fashion leggings are not suitable
Maroon and black sports socks.
Black Academy badged zip top.
Sturdy training shoes with laces. Plimsolls and converse are not suitable as they provide
little protection for the ankle and heel during games.
Outdoor footwear such as rugby/football boots will be
required for use on the Academy fields in winter.

Students who are not able to participate in PE due to a medical or other approved reason are still required to wear PE uniform at the appropriate time and participate in the lesson in non-physical activities as directed by their teacher.

4. Sixth Form Dress Code

Although our post-16 students are not required to wear the uniform of the main school, we expect that they will follow the Sixth Form Dress Code. Our expectations of Sixth Form students are as follows:

Lanyard A Berwick Academy Sixth Form Lanyard should be worn at all times on site.
ShirtA shirt with a collar should be worn
Trousers / Skirt Black or dark grey trousers / skirt (skirt length not less than 20 inches).
Jumper /
A plain cardigan or jumper.
ShoesBlack, polishable shoes.

A Sixth Form Student who studies Sport/PE may be requested to come to school wearing PE kit on set days. For your guidance, in Sixth Form the following are not acceptable:

  • Casual clothing, such as denim, T-shirts, vest tops, sports shirts or sweatshirts
  • Leggings or shorts
  • Jeans, jogging pants, track suits or any hooded top
  • Garments carrying large designs or logos
  • Trainers, plimsolls, sandals or steel-capped work boots
  • Hoodies or hooded tops
  • The guidance notes in Section 5 apply to Sixth Form Students and main school students


5. Guidance notes
The following is designed to be helpful for parents/carers in ensuring their child is wearing the correct uniform. These guidance notes are applicable to all students from Year 9 to Year 13. This guidance is not exhaustive.

5.1 Outdoor Coats
Outdoor coats are not permitted to be worn inside.

5.2 Jewellery
Jewellery should not be worn for school. One pair of plain ear studs may be worn if necessary.

5.3 Piercings
No facial piercings, stretchers or retainers are permitted. Students will be required to remove any facial piercing, including retainers, in school.

5.4 Make up
Make up, if worn, should be discrete. Nail extensions are not acceptable due to health and safety concerns in practical subject areas.

5.5 Hoodies
Hoodies are not permitted in school. This includes on PE days. Students wearing a hoodie will be required to hand it over on arrival until the end of the day.

5.6 Hair
Hair is expected to be a natural colour.


6. Non-compliance
Wearing the correct uniform is an important part of being “On Side” with The Berwick Way. Students who do not wear the correct uniform will be placed into detention. Students who continue to not comply with the uniform requirements will be withdrawn from lessons until they attend in the correct uniform.

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