How to Apply to Berwick Academy

The Academy operates alongside Northumberland LA and the National Guidlines on Admissions and Appeals, although Berwick (and not the LA) are the Admissions Authority for entrance into the Academy. This means that the Academy is responsible directly to the DFE for our method of admitting students and for setting up and adhering to the decisions of an Independent Appeals Panel constituted to Appeals against not being offered a place at Berwick Academy. Places are offered to prospective Year 9 students at the same time as places are allocated within all other Northumberland secondary schools. This is co-ordinated through the LA but

all queries and appeals are handled by Berwick Academy directly.

Berwick Academy is obliged to admit all applicants providing these do not exceed the Academy’s published Admission Number.

The Published Admission Number for September 2018 is 225.

When oversubscribed, therefore, Berwick allocates 225 places with priority given to the following:

  1. Students with statements of special educational need that name Berwick

Academy on the statement.

  1. Students in public care, resident in Northumberland.

III. Students who have a sibling who is already in the Academy.

  1. Students with exceptional medical or social needs.
  2. Students who live in the published catchment area for the Academy.
  3. Students, on the basis of the closeness of their home’s front door to the front gate of the Academy, measured by walking in the shortest possible line without entering private property.

Preference is given to those who live within the Catchment area as defined by NCC LA and agreed by the Academy. As well as being asked to fill in application forms for entry, students and the parents of students joining Berwick Academy will be asked to acknowledge their support for the Academy by signing a ‘home – school agreement’. Whilst this is not a condition of entry and has no legal status, it is an important expression of commitment to the purpose, aims and values of the Acaddemy.

Entry into the 6th Form will be open to any student through written application and an interview. An offer of a place will be made, subject to examination results in Key Stage 4. The same priorities in decisions regarding oversubscription will exist as those in place for Year 9. External applicants will only be offered a place after all students from Berwick’s own Year 11 have had their destinations resolved.

For further information on admission to Berwick Academy please click the links below:

Northumberland County Council Admissions Handbook (please see section 5 of Admissions Handbook – page 29)

Northumberland County Council Admissions Web Portal

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