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Building upon previous learning, our knowledge-rich Art programme aims to bring all students to a common level of understanding and appreciation of visual elements in the world around them and how art processes integrate with that world, in ways appropriate to their respective phases of education, incorporating National Curriculum and examination board requirements.


The Art department’s philosophy reflects Berwick Academy’s values of Friendship, Learning and Respect and The Berwick Way whereby earners are encouraged to be ambitious in personal goal setting, to not be afraid to fail, and to make connections between: themselves and the visual, tactile, and audible world; themselves and concepts and themes in all aspects of their lives, including other school learning; their own and other people’s perceptions, beliefs, opinions, and ways of doing things; qualification requirements and personal preferences or aspirations; and artist-specific and more generic art based skills.


As they journey through Year 9, GCSE, and A Level courses, students will acquire and learn how to appropriately apply new knowledge through carefully sequenced practical activities in conjunction with ‘Read, Think, Write’ where skills of analysis, explanation, and evaluation are developed. Scaffolding, including many enrichment opportunities and encouragements to self-challenge through local, national and sometimes international competitions, will support student evolution as independent and confident creators, expressing themselves through art in appropriate forms whilst developing generic skills such as thinking, imagining, initiative, exploration, researching, problem-solving, team and independent working, synthesis, presentation, and enterprise. With increasing personal ownership and portfolios to demonstrate, students will hone abilities to develop and experiment with ideas recorded from a wide range of sources, using techniques and processes including drawing, painting, print, 3D, and digital, with some inclusion of textiles and photography at appropriate stages.


The Art curriculum is a platform from which students are encouraged to embark on deepening journeys of artistic self-discovery, inspiration, enjoyment, lifelong interest and possibly jobs within, Art and Design, but also go on to become confident, interested, aware and respectful citizens of the local and wider community.

For more detailed information Art, please make reference to the following curriculum plan(s). Please note, curriculum plans are developed on an ongoing basis.



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