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At Berwick Academy we know the importance of helping our students to access and thrive in the ever-changing digital world.  Lessons are structured, inclusive, creative, and centred around essential knowledge.  Students will be inspired to think logically and to have the confidence to tackle complex problems, while following the expectations of the Berwick Way.


The subject is particularly relevant to the academy’s students who wish to progress into careers involving science, ICT, programming, and engineering. The knowledge and skills gained have been transformational to a number of students and many have gone on to study exciting degrees in areas such as programming and ethical hacking.


Students will acquire in-depth knowledge about variety of topics including hardware, cyber-security, coding, computational thinking, data representation and networking. As computers have become more important within society, this course will equip students with an understanding of their role and give them the technical capital to succeed in a digital world. They will learn a variety of technical skills that will assist with many pathways in the future and the course will suit students who wish to academically challenge themselves and gain essential modern skills.


Students will be required to acquire knowledge through active research during lessons that will often see them presented with challenging texts to read on emerging areas such as cyber-crime. Not only will students work on technical skills, but will develop their literacy skills through extended responses on topics such as the ethics of computing and the role of computers in society. Students will be encouraged to work diligently on coding tasks and will be to collaborate respectfully with others in producing code to solve a number of challenging problems.


Students’ horizons are broadened by the stimulus provided through self-study, which supports in-class learning, supporting students to thrive in the modern, ever-changing technological environment.


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