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Our highly ambitious vision within Design Technology is to give students a focused understanding of the ‘world of design and technology’, its importance in society, and the role designers play within it by providing stimulating and enriching environment. Skill based project learning is underpinned by a rich theoretical programme which equips students with the relevant knowledge and skills to become confident practical learners that can apply their understanding. Emphasis is given to helping students understand the professional designing and manufacturing environment with the aim of helping them make informed future training and career choices.


Through our passion for the subject we endeavour to inspire students to be creative, collaborative problem solvers who experience success through challenge, experience and reflection. We aim to empower our students to embrace The Berwick Way and take an active role in their learning by celebrating success in a structured practical environment.


In order to develop successful students that have powerful knowledge we also aim to explicitly teach them to value and understand the important role vocabulary plays in Design Technology.  Each week students are introduced to new and extended disciplinary vocabulary. We have an appreciation for the skill set needed to exceed in life outside of school and within the DT department an ethos of effort, commitment and application is encouraged heavily. Hard work is its own reward and our department philosophies reflect the school’s core values of Friendship, Learning and Respect.


We offer a range of courses starting with Key Stage 3 Design Technology in Year 9 (which concludes the delivery of the National Curriculum started in Middle School), followed by GCSE Design Technology (Product / Graphics Options) and BTEC Engineering in Year 10 and Year 11, culminating in A Level Design Technology with Post 16 students.


There are also many curriculum enrichment activities that are available to all students throughout their time with the DT department, for example, lunch time ‘sign up’ clubs allow students supervised access to the workshops in order to develop and explore their own ideas. Most recently two students built a working go-kart over the course of a term’s additional effort. A fortnightly DT news article, posted virtually, encourages students to work independently and perform some extended reading and reflection around current technological issues, supporting read, think, write initiatives and deepening the DT curriculum offer.

For more detailed information about Design Technology please make reference to the following curriculum plan(s). Please note, curriculum plans are developed on an ongoing basis.


Design and Technology

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