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The English Faculty at Berwick Academy builds upon the prior learning of students in Year 7 and 8, focusing on their continued development of reading, writing and oracy skills. Through our rich and ambitious curriculum, students explore and understand the history of literature, they also understand how language and literature enables them to interpret and influence the world around them.


Through their learning of English, students will develop and become critical thinkers and effective communicators throughout the Key Stages. We help students to become resilient and independent learners, empowering them through their literacy skills through the Read, Write, Think approach. In their study of Language and Literature, students are encouraged to be diligent workers engaging with the knowledge rich curriculum and developing essential transferable skills, such as analysis and evaluation. This equips them for further education and future employment.


Students will be transported back to ancient Greece, journey through Jacobean and Victorian England as they explore a range of texts over the key stages; The Odyssey, The Canterbury Tales, Othello, A Christmas Carol and Shakespeare’s Macbeth are to name but a few texts they will meet throughout their time in English. In English language, students also learn how to how to consciously craft their writing, thinking as a writer and actively sculpting language and structure for effect.


At post-16, we offer A Level Literature, A Level Language and A Level Media Studies. This comprehensive provision offers ambition for all different learners and encourages students into the varied world of work and further education.


Enrichment opportunities include, theatre trips and workshops, virtual film festivals and documentaries, poetry and short story competitions. As a faculty we encourage our students to engage with extra-curricular activities to immerse themselves in the world of words and explore their passion for literature.


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