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Enterprise and Marketing


Enterprise and Marketing is an exciting subject that not only develops academic knowledge but also the skills of creativity, logic, and planning.  Our curriculum prepares students for the fast-paced commercial environment that they will encounter if they choose to work in business.  With options to study the subject at Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5, students will learn a wide variety of knowledge and skills to allow them to make sense of product and business systems.


Learning is planned to ensure that students are engaged, immersed, and motivated to gain a deep knowledge of the professional environment.  Our curriculum is built upon the principles of breadth and depth, and students are given the knowledge and skills to apply their market research and entrepreneurial abilities.  As they progress, students will grow in confidence, develop communication skills, and be well equipped for a successful future career.


Lessons are designed to embed and nurture knowledge and skills that will allow our students to develop a broad understanding and awareness of the real world.  Be it a small local business or a large multinational organisation, our students will make connections, identify common strategies, and more importantly think big.  In this way, cultural capital is developed throughout the programme of study.  Structured, inclusive lessons, using the principles of Berwick Way, are designed to inspire students, to give them confidence, to develop their literacy skills and independence and to enable them to feel pride in their learning.


The skills acquired in this subject link well to the wider curriculum, especially mathematics, ICT and English.  It is our aim that students will grow and expand their mind-set to realise that life goals are there to be achieved.

For more detailed information about Enterprise & Marketing please make reference to the following curriculum plan(s). Please note, curriculum plans are developed on an ongoing basis.


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