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Food Technology


Reflecting whole-school values, our overriding philosophies across all hospitality, catering and food technology courses at Berwick Academy are that students work with friendship, learning and respect and commit to being on side, on time and on task.  As much of our programme is focused upon how the hospitality businesses develop and deliver high quality products, and welcome and care for customers and clients, the notion of working with precision and as part of a team within a service industry are key driver for our subject area.


The sequencing of learning activities is ambitiously designed to build upon prior learning, with knowledge, skills, and understanding developing through challenging, creative tasks and retrieval practices. As well as strengthening practical cookery experiences and associated knowledge enrichment, planning considers the theoretical aspects of food and nutrition, kitchen skills, health-and-safety applications and prepares students well for their lives outside of school.


Courses offered allow students to experience many of the characteristics of ‘real life work’ in the sector. We support students who enjoy cooking and wish to become more accomplished practical cooks as well as those who wish to take a vocational approach to their studies by learning about wider aspects of the hospitality and catering industry, food science and nutrition and the potential progression routes that our courses can offer with regard to their own careers or further study.


Progressing from Year 9 Food Technology, we offer Key Stage 4 vocational study routes in Hospitality and Catering and Post 16 students can opt to study Level 3 Food Science and Nutrition. Students try new things, develop essential life and employability skills are supported to become valued individuals in society by embracing department and school values.


For more detailed information about Food Technology please make reference to the following curriculum plan(s). Please note, curriculum plans are developed on an ongoing basis.

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