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Land Based Studies


Level 2 Technical Award in Land Based Studies

We are excited to offer this fantastic qualification, jointly taught by the Humanities and Science Faculties. It is well-suited to our local context, helping students to understand local issues connected to land use, and to prepare them for jobs in the local area.

As part of this course, we will look at how land is utilised in the UK, for example for food and energy production, forestry, leisure use, housing and rural and urban infrastructure. This will help you to understand the challenges and conflicts that arise when land is used for food production, leisure and conservation. We review historic land use and investigate the changing use of land over time, from food production to an emphasis on sustainability, environmental management and public access. We also look at the advancement of technology within the wider land-based industries, and you will develop your plant and animal husbandry skills for a potential future career.

Science plays a major role in the modern land-based sector and we will look at different parts of the industry, the role of cultivated and wild plants (including crops, farmed and wild animal species) as well as considering the importance of biodiversity and the biosecurity of the UK. The course also looks at optimum nutrition for plant and animal growth and health.

GCSEs in Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Geography will complement this qualification.

For more detailed information about Land-Based Studies, please make reference to the following curriculum plan(s). Please note, curriculum plans are developed on an ongoing basis.

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