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We believe that all students deserve a creative and ambitious Mathematics curriculum.  With a focus on skills and knowledge, we engender a passion for learning in students and the ability to improve their further education and employment choices.  Our students will develop an appreciation of the power of Mathematics and its application in the real world.  Following the expectations of the Berwick Way, students will grow in confidence, acquire an inquisitive mindset, and learn the skills required to become a valued member of the community.  Structured lessons are delivered along with regular opportunities for enrichment.

We give students the opportunity to:

  • become fluent in the language of mathematics through explicit and varied practice of increasingly more complex problems. Solutions will be scaffolded to allow for full inclusion with facts being readily recalled and knowledge applied accurately.
  • solve problems by applying learning to a mixture of routine and non-routine problems and learning the skills to break down abstract situations into a series of more manageable steps.
  • communicate, justify, and test ideas using appropriate mathematical language.
  • cultivate responsibility for learning and intellectual discipline and be resilient so that they contribute positively to the life of the school, the local community, and the wider environment.
  • reason mathematically and follow a line of enquiry.

All aspects of the National Curriculum are covered with the areas of number, ratio and proportion, algebra, geometry, statistics, and probability spread over Years 9, 10 and 11.  Students continuing their studies into Years 12 and 13 will experience a deeper curriculum that continues to broaden out in creativity and understanding.  Cross curricular links are made so that Mathematics is not seen in isolation and it is recognised as a fundamental building block of society.


For more detailed information about Mathematics please make reference to the following curriculum plan(s). Please note, curriculum plans are developed on an ongoing basis.


Mathematics Resources Page


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