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Physical Education and Sport


Our priority is to make Physical Education and sport enjoyable and challenging.  We support and encourage our pupils to apply themselves fully and inspire them to live a healthy lifestyle and reach their sporting potential. Physical Education allows students to appreciate the importance of a healthy body and mind, whilst our sport provision seeks to increase fitness, raise self-esteem, and develop confidence. Playing and competing in sport enables our students to develop friendships and promote respect while learning many important transferable skills such as teamwork, communication, resilience, and leadership.


For those students who opt to take either a Level 2 or Level 3 BTEC in Sport, there is the opportunity to explore the biomechanics of human movement, develop their leadership potential and gain valuable insight into their own sporting performance.


Through our extra-curricular provision, students will continue to develop their resilience and confidence taught within lessons and are provided with further opportunities to support each other to build and promote healthy attitudes.


The vocabulary of sport and exercise is a central part of our curriculum and our teachers scaffold this terminology to help students increase their bank of complex and technical words. Physical Education is uniquely placed to develop a wide range of communication skills using specific technical sporting language. By encouraging our students to be confident and articulate in their language, we hope to provide a strong cross curricular base to promote and improve literacy levels.


“The Berwick Way” educates our students on the importance of being “On Time, On Side and On Task”. All of our Physical Education lessons seek to develop these vital skill sets and equip students with the power of self-discipline and the capacity to increase their cultural capital within our community.


For more detailed information about Physical Education and Sport please make reference to the following curriculum plan(s).  Please note, curriculum plans are developed on an ongoing basis.



 Year 10 BTEC Tech Award Sport Long Term Plan.pdfDownload
 Year 11 BTEC Tech Award Sport Long Term Plan.pdfDownload
 Year 12 & 13 Sport Science Long Term Plan Diploma.pdfDownload
 Year 12 & 13 Sport Science Long Term Plan Extended Certificate.pdfDownload
 Year 9 Core PE Long Term Plan.pdfDownload
 Year 10 Core PE Long Term Plan.pdfDownload
 Y11 Core PE Long Term Plan.pdfDownload
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