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This programme of study is for post-16 students who wish to develop an understanding of Psychology and the processes involved in learning and behaviour. The course is relevant to many of the academy’s students who wish to progress into careers involving health, caring, social work and scientific research. The knowledge and skills gained on this course have been transformational to a number of students and every year, we see many students go on to study psychology or related subjects at university.


Students will acquire knowledge about variety of topics including memory, social forces, learning, clinical psychology, child development and the biological basis of behaviour. Students will learn about a number of important pieces of research which are highly influential in today’s society – such as Pavlov’s Dogs and Milgram’s work on obedience – which are crucial in aiding our understanding of how society works. They will learn a variety of research and experimental skills and the emphasis upon independent research and study that will assist with pathways in beyond school. Students will be encouraged to read around the topic area and develop a wealth of knowledge, which they are encouraged to think about critically and incorporate into the essays they write.


Students will develop a range of skills in the presentation of arguments and will develop the skills needed in order to research the basis of their argument, present it and criticise the basis of their own arguments. Students will have the opportunity to debate arguments in a friendly, modest way in lessons. It is an expectation that students are to be active participants in discussions and be diligent with the wider reading that is essential in improving their attention to detail and ability to take information from complex texts.


For more detailed information about Psychology please make reference to the following curriculum plan(s). Please note, curriculum plans are developed on an ongoing basis.

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