Berwick Academy

Religious Education

We believe that all our students should be given the opportunity to broaden their cultural horizons and develop their understanding of world faiths and other beliefs by exploring their commonality and diversity. This will embrace the full diversity and richness of religious and non-religious cultures, promoting a broad and balanced understanding of the different groups of people that make up modern Britain.

Our stimulating Religious Education curriculum will encourage our students to be inquisitive, to enquire, debate and discuss and to feel a growing sense of civic engagement and cultivate a greater depth of human experience, developing respect, empathy and tolerance for others.

The curriculum will continue to develop cross curricular links with other Curriculum subjects such as English, the Arts and History as well as promoting whole school priorities such as retrieval practice and oracy.

Importantly, in an age of social media, Religious Education helps young people deal positively with controversial issues such as stereotyping, and helps to build resilience and acceptance.

Ultimately we want our students to be guided by sound principles; understanding what is religious, spiritual, cultural and moral and to lead their life with respect and tolerance.

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